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India Delays Laptops Import Restrictions by Three Months why



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India will provide a transition period of about three months before a new licensing regime for imports of laptops, tablets, and personal computers comes into effect, the country’s trade regulator said late on Friday.

This is a partial reversal from a surprise decision on Thursday to impose the licensing requirement with immediate effect, which had prompted calls for a delay.

“Import consignments can be cleared till October 31 without a license and a government permit would be required for clearance of import from November 1,” the government said in a notification.

The government’s notification on Thursday did not give a reason for the action, which could affect technology companies such as Apple, Dell, and Samsung and potentially see them boost local manufacturing.

The move was aimed at addressing the trade imbalance with China, another government official told reporters.

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Deputy IT and Electronics Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar had said the move was aimed to “ensure trusted hardware and systems” and reduce dependence on imports.

His ministry earlier in the day assured that the government would be prompt in issuing licenses and not create supply gaps in the market.

It had said New Delhi will issue licenses for companies to import laptops and tablets within two days. Licenses can be obtained online.

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