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Snapdragon X Elite: Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 6 Could Outperform Apple’s M3 Chip, Benchmark Test Reveals




Qualcomm’s highly anticipated flagship computer chip, the Snapdragon X Elite, has recently made its debut in a benchmark test. This powerful chipset is expected to be featured in laptops from several popular brands later this year.

Exciting news emerged when a listing for the rumored Surface Laptop 6 appeared on Geekbench. The benchmark results suggest that Microsoft’s upcoming Surface laptop, equipped with the Snapdragon X Elite chip, could potentially outperform Apple’s MacBook Pro models powered by the latest M3 chip in certain CPU tests.

According to recent reports, Microsoft may unveil Surface laptops equipped with Snapdragon X Elite chips at a hardware event scheduled for May.

The Surface Laptop 6, spotted by WCCFTech on Geekbench, was listed without an official product name. It appeared under the title “OEMBR OEMBR Product Name MFG.” The details revealed that it is powered by a Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 chipset clocked at an impressive 4.01GHz, featuring 12 cores. It’s important to note that while there are three variants of the Snapdragon X Elite, the benchmarked version was not the most powerful chip available. The top-tier variant (XIE-84-100) boasts an even higher boost clock speed of 4.20GHz.

The purported Surface Laptop 6 with a Snapdragon X Elite chip has a single-core score of 2,714 points, and a multi-core score of 14,078 points. This puts the chip ahead of Apple’s 14-inch M3 MacBook Pro in Geekbench’s multi-core tests — the M3 MacBook Pro scored 3,103 and 12,065 points, respectively.

If these benchmark tests are genuine, then Apple’s M3 chip should be 13.37 percent faster than the Snapdragon X Elite on the rumoured Surface Laptop 6. Meanwhile, Qualcomm’s chip is shown to be 15.4 percent faster than the M3 MacBook Pro. After all, the Snapdragon processor has more cores (12) than Apple’s M3 chip (8).

It’s worth taking these benchmarks with a grain of salt, as Microsoft is yet to announce any plans to launch new Surface models with Snapdragon laptop chips. According to a recent report, Microsoft is said to be confident that the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 can beat the latest 3nm Apple Silicon processor. We can expect to learn more about these rumoured devices soon — Microsoft is tipped to introduce new Surface laptops powered by Snapdragon chips at its next hardware event in May.

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