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iPad mini 7 Will Launch In Late 2024 At Earliest With An Upgraded Chip For Faster Performance, But Same Design As Current Model



After the Let Loose event, Apple is now focusing its attention on its more budget-friendly iPad mini and entry-level options. The latest report suggests that Apple will launch the iPad mini 7 by the end of the year.

iPad mini 7, with upgraded internals, is expected to launch by the end of the year

Apple saw fit to skip a year and did not launch any iPad upgrades last year. The company struggled with sales throughout the year, and it appears that the trend will stay the same until after WWDC. An earlier report stated that despite powerful internals and an OLED display, the iPad Pro would still have a hard time selling. We believe that iPadOS has a negative role to play in this regard. This is because the company does not offer distinct and exclusive features for the ‘Pro’ models. Mark Gurman states that users should not expect the iPad mini 7 to launch before the end of the year.

The iPad mini sits perfectly in Apple’s product lineup as the smallest iPad ever but with a relatively newer design. The device received positive reviews over the years, and it is about time the company upgraded it with a 3nm chip. The last upgrade the mini lineup received was back in 2021, featuring an 8.3-inch display with support for Apple Pencil and much more. If you are wondering, Apple will not launch the iPad mini 7 at its WWDC event, and if the news has any heft to it, the company will not unveil the device at its September event as well.

This means that the company will host another event after the iPhone 16 announcement to launch the iPad mini 7 and the entry-level iPad 11. It was previously covered that the company is working to fix the jelly-scrolling issue on the iPad mini, allowing consistent and seamless animations without varying refreshes on different parts of the screen. We also expect the new iPad mini 7 to come with an upgraded chipset, possibly the A17 Pro chip, for enhanced computational and graphical performance.

The iPad mini 7 will feature the same design as current models, but Apple could make mild adjustments if it sees fit. The entry-level iPad received a major price cut at Apple’s Let Loose event, which is a great option for users looking to step into the category. However, the iPad 11 will come with a slightly higher price tag, an upgraded processor, and possibly new AI features as well.

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