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Nothing Phone (2a) VS OnePlus Ace 3V: Nothing is good, but Ace is always Ace



This is the Nothing Phone 2a. If there is a world’s most beautiful cell phone tournament, it has the chance to win. And this is Nothing Phone’s former brother, OnePlus’ new Ace 3V. Coincidentally, we both got them for $330. And this Nothing Phone (2a) has been getting a lot of positive reviews lately, so I guess you’re also wondering, is this phone really as unbeatable as they say it is? The OnePlus Ace 3V should be taking on the challenge.

Unbox experience

The Nothing Phone really does a good job in the unboxing experience. With the eco-friendly material, customized charging cables, and card pins, there should be no one else in the same price range that can do better than this phone.

In comparison, the Ace 3V is rather ordinary and nothing special. However, the Nothing Phone (2a) doesn’t come with a free charger, while the Ace 3V gets one away, and it’s a 100W. Which one has a better unboxing experience varies from person to person, but I’m definitely the one who prefers having a charger included.

Design & Display

When I put the two phones side by side, they don’t seem to be in the same price range. Of course, the Nothing Phone’s strong point is the unique look. A lot of Youtubers have already explained in great detail about its design and how cool the LED lights on the back. I won’t repeat it. They didn’t lie, it’s indeed a flagship phone design caliber.

Look at the Ace 3V next to it, that’s the average level of most $300 phones. With that really hilarious flash, I’m sure anyone would have no hesitation in picking up the Nothing Phone (2a).

The front of the 2a is also as good as ever. If I am not wrong, it was the first phone under $400 with equal-width bezels on all four sides. Even the Ace 3V has thin bezels, but the overall look is still far behind the 2a. The bad news is that the specs aren’t as good as they look on the outside. It’s not bad, it’s just not that good. the Ace 3V is a little bit better in terms of screen quality, but the difference is barely noticeable. Personally, I’m willing to give the 2a a thumbs up.

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