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What happens to Call of Duty Mobile after Warzone Mobile’s release?



The highly anticipated global launch of Warzone Mobile is just around the corner. With its release on March 21, 2024, long-time COD Mobile players wonder if the Call of Duty team will abandon its predecessor for the new title. The development team seems to understand this concern and has issued a statement on X just a week before the game goes live.

In the post, the Call of Duty Mobile team laid out its plans for the mobile game, which include some playlist changes, and its vision for the year.

Call of Duty Mobile team announces plans ahead of the Warzone Mobile’s release

The Call of Duty Mobile team announced on X that the game isn’t going anywhere, even after the release of Warzone Mobile. The developers reassured long-time fans that the title won’t be leaving anytime soon and that they are preparing for more new content this year. Here’s what they said:

“Call of Duty®: Mobile will continue to get new content every season and there are no plans to change the breadth of content we bring to COD:M players. Stay tuned for more info on exciting new content we have coming this year!”

This statement was made following the announcement of the temporary removal of Shoot House and Alcatraz maps in the game. As expected, fans took the move negatively.

With the arrival of Warzone Mobile, fans were concerned that the Call of Duty team might abandon the mobile game for the new title. This usually happens with Call of Duty titles released on PCs and consoles.

Call of Duty Mobile was the first CoD title to enter the mobile market in 2019. It was developed by TiMi Studio Group with the intention of bringing the CoD multiplayer experience to mobile gaming.

With the success of Call of Duty Mobile, the developers decided to create Warzone Mobile, bringing the popular battle royale mode to phones. The game will be globally available next week, March 21, 2024, on both Android and iOS.

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