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Snapchat Releases ‘AR Pichkari’ Lens to Celebrate Holi 2024 With Friends: How it Works



You can now celebrate Holi 2024 by spraying your friends with virtual colours on Snapchat with the new AR Pichkari lens

  • Snapchat’s has released a new ‘AR Pichkari’ lens
  • Users can virtually spray their friends with colour for Holi 2024
  • The AR Pichkari lens is available for users on iOS and Android

has announced a new ‘AR Pichkari’ lens in time for Holi 2024. The mobile based image and video sharing platform reveals that the lens was developed by a third-party developer and allows users to splash their friends with virtual colours, using their smartphone’s rear camera, simulating the use of a pichkari (water gun) that is used to celebrate the festival of Holi. This is one of several lenses offered by Snapchat that uses augmented reality (AR) technology to allow users to interact with their surroundings.

According to details shared by the company, the new AR Pichkari lens was developed by Ronin Labs and is available to all users on the platform. Like other AR lenses on Snapchat, users can search for the AR lens via the search bar in the Snapchat app. You can also click on this link, which should take you directly to the AR Pichkari lens.

snapchat ar pichkari lens snapchatOnce you’ve selected the AR Pichkari lens, you can switch to the rear camera on Snapchat and point it at your friends. The app will use AR to identify where your friend is in the viewfinder and start to spray them with virtual colours. The stream is also affected when you move your phone, similar to using a pichkari.

You can use the AR Pichkari filter to move around and virtually spray your friends with Holi colours. A bar is also shown on the left of the screen, showing you how much colour is left. About halfway through the process, the message “Holi Hai!” is shown on the screen, according to details shared by Snapchat.

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