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Self-riding Ola scooter likely to come in India confirms CEO



Ola’s CEO Bhavesh Agarwal has confirmed plans to bring Ola Solo, a self-riding scooty, in India, dismissing any speculation that it might be an April Fools’ prank. This groundbreaking announcement showcases Ola’s dedication to innovation, revealing that while the initial unveiling may have seemed humorous, the underlying technology is real and represents a significant leap forward in transportation. With Ola Solo, Ola is pioneering autonomous and self-balancing technology for two-wheelers, offering a glimpse into a future where commuting is not only convenient but also safer and more efficient.


Ola Solo’s introduction marks a significant milestone in the evolution of transportation technology. By harnessing autonomous and self-balancing features, Ola is poised to redefine the way people commute in India. This innovative scooty represents a departure from traditional manual riding, promising a seamless and effortless experience for commuters navigating through busy streets and congested traffic. With Ola Solo, riders can enjoy a newfound sense of freedom, as the scooty takes charge, allowing them to relax and enjoy the journey. By

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