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PUBG/bgmi Mobile will soon gain 120fps mode for smoother gameplay



PUBG Mobile is set to receive a major update (version 3.2) that introduces a fast 120fps mode soon.

Krafton has confirmed that PUBG Mobile will soon gain 120fps mode. The upcoming version of PUBG Mobile (version 3.2) will introduce a fast 120fps mode, allowing users to experience a faster and smoother battle royale experience.

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Until now, PUBG Mobile offered up to 90fps for smoother gameplay, and the studio is now taking this to the next level with the latest version of the game. As of now, the company has not mentioned if 120fps mode will be available for both Android and iOS devices.

PUBG Mobile is available under the BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India), which is also expected to gain 120fps in the coming days. Krafton also recently published version 3.1 of the game, and in the coming days, the same will be updated to version 3.2, which is likely to add 120fps mode.

2fps mode on PUBG Mobile/BGMI should work well on high-end and upper mid-range smartphones. However, this feature might not come to entry-level devices, as running the game at 120fps, even at medium or low graphics settings does require a lot of computational resources, especially graphics power.

Several beta users are already testing 120fps mode on PUBG Mobile and BGMI. When a user selects 120fps mode on PUBG Mobile, the game will warn about the heating issue and how it might consume more power. The phone brands also need to optimise their smartphones to take benefit of this upcoming feature.

Users with the latest Android flagships, powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 or equivalent chips should be able to handle 120fps without any issue, and iPhones with 120Hz display should also easily support this upcoming feature, even on the previous generation iPhone 14 Pro series.


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