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How to Buy a Good Secondhand TV or Make Your Old TV Last Longer




– Introduce the topic of buying secondhand TVs and the importance of maintaining your current TV.
– Briefly mention the benefits of buying secondhand and extending the lifespan of electronics.

Section 1: Tips for Buying a Good Secondhand TV:
1. Research the Seller:
– Discuss the importance of buying from reputable sellers or platforms.
– Mention the benefits of checking seller reviews and ratings.

2. Inspect the TV:
– Provide a checklist of things to inspect, such as screen condition, inputs/outputs, and physical damage.
– Offer tips on how to test the TV’s functionality, including sound and picture quality.

3. Check for Warranty and Return Policies:
– Explain the significance of having a warranty or return policy, even for secondhand items.
– Advise readers on what to look for in terms of warranty coverage or return conditions.

Section 2: Ways to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Current TV:
1. Proper Placement and Ventilation:
– Emphasize the importance of placing the TV in a well-ventilated area away from heat sources.
– Provide tips on ensuring adequate airflow around the TV.

2. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance:
– Offer practical advice on cleaning the TV screen, bezels, and vents to prevent dust buildup.
– Recommend using microfiber cloths and gentle cleaning solutions.

3. Adjust Settings for Optimal Performance:
– Suggest adjusting brightness, contrast, and other settings to prevent premature wear on the display.
– Provide guidance on accessing the TV’s settings menu and making adjustments.

– Summarize the key points covered in the blog post.
– Encourage readers to apply the tips provided to make informed decisions when buying a secondhand TV or maintaining their current one.

Call to Action:
– Invite readers to share their own experiences or tips in the comments section.
– Provide links to related articles or resources for further reading.

Models to look for

LG C1 OLED TVLG’s 2021 OLEDs (C1 pictured) were the first to take measures to reduce burn-in.  

TVs that we can recommend buying secondhand include the 2021 LG C1 and G1OLED models . These were the first TVs to really advance OLED tech (more on that below) and you’re likely to find larger sizes for less.

Samsung’s R series models are also worth checking out. During my time in AV retail ( I started in 2020), it was common knowledge among the staff that the R series from 2019 was a particularly good TV range.

Along with the R series, the Samsung K series from 2016 was also well-regarded. One of the first generation of 4K TVs, and sporting a curved frame, these were immensely popular when released and one  will crop up from time to time when you stay at an AirBnB.

Another Samsung option to consider is any of its Neo QLED range. These TVs have a model number starting with ‘QN’,  the Samsung QN90C, for example, and not only use mini-LED technology for bright and punchy pictures but come stacked with features.

Another recommendation is Sony’s LED TVs. Sony’s TVs have consistently solid performance but are often pricey on release. Bought at a reduced price, they’re a no-brainer. As the owner of a Sony XH8505 from 2020, I can say it’s still a strong TV today despite missing features found on current mid-range LED TVs.

Finally, if you’re after a budget set in the  look at Vizio’s M or P series, which are some of Vizio’s better budget TVs and worth seeking out.

How to give new life to your old TV

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2023) package contents on wood table

Streaming devices such as the Amazon Fire TV 4K Max (pictured) can bring smart features to older TVs.

Fear not, though, as you can give life to your old set by adding one of the best streaming devices such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick Max (2023), Roku Stick or Apple TV 4K.

These devices are regularly updated (although Roku has ceased support for some older models) and can access the best streaming services such as Netflix and Disney Plus. They can also add streaming to any TV that doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi and smart capabilities. If you have a much older smart TV, you’ll probably notice that a new streaming device will have faster, snappier performance.

As a bonus, these devices often start from as little as 2,699/10,800 and max out at roughly depending on the device. That cost is significantly cheaper than upgrading your TV altogether.

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